The Rivers...

The Gulkana

Welcome to the beautiful, wild, and scenic Gulkana river. The Gulkana river is a 60 mile long river that starts at Sumit Lake and meanders it's way along the Richardson Highway to its confluence with the Copper River in Glennallen, Alaska. Its waters are teeming  with wildlife and breathtaking scenery. The river is home to Alaska's northern most population of wild rainbow trout, grayling, and dolly varden. Starting in late May and early June, wild King salmon (Chinook salmon) make their migration from Cordova, up the Copper River and then into the Copper's hundreds of tributaries. The Gulkana River receives about 25% of the Copper's King salmon. Starting in late June through September, the river receives a strong run of Red salmon (Sockeye salmon). Sight fishing for these prized fish is an unforgettable experience.

The Klutina

The Klutina river is a federal wild and scenic river whose headwaters start at the Klutina Glacier in the Chugach Mountains. Its beautiful glacier fed turquoise water flows 66 miles to its confluence on the Copper River in the rustic, history rich Alaskan community of Copper Center. This is a Class II through class IV river with scenery that is unmatched by any other. Bald eagles, bears, moose, and beaver are abundant on this river for viewing. The Klutina River is home to Arctic Grayling, White Fish, and Dolly Varden. This river gets a giant run of wild Copper River King salmon (Copper River Chinook salmon), with many reaching over 60lbs. This river is also known for its run of world famous Copper River Red salmon (Copper River Sockeye salmon). They are famous for having the highest fat content of all salmon species in Alaska.