Is King Salmon Fishing Closed in Alaska?

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The Short answer is NO! There has been a lot of anxiety and chatter on-line lately due to the recent Alaska Fish and Game emergency order closing of Alaska’s south central regions King salmon fishing. Yes the famed Kenai river, and its surrounding fisheries has been affected by an emergency Cook Inlet King salmon closure for the 2023 Alaska fishing season. It is sad news that the Cook inlet King salmon fishery has been doing poorly for a number of years now, but don’t cancel those vacation plans just yet! Yes there is a number of Alaska’s King salmon fisheries still open that are doing quite well!

Copper River Alaska

The Copper river and its tributaries is a well known King salmon fishery in Alaska, known for it’s large run of King salmon, many of which range in the 60# – 70# range! The Copper river has been managed, and is doing well, with a few hiccups along the way. The 2023 season King salmon forecast for the Copper river and its tributaries looks great. If King salmon fishing is your main goal for fishing Alaska, Then you may want to consider heading to Copper Center Alaska in 2023, to fish the Klutina river, Gulkana river, or the Tonsina river, for Alaska salmon fishing without the combat fishing experience.

Copper Center accommodations

If King salmon fishing in Alaska is on your agenda in 2023, then Copper Center, Alaska is your destination! There are many places to lay your head in the local area after you spend a day or 2 battling Alaska’s mighty Copper river King! The Caribou hotel in Glennallen, Alaska, offer all of AK Fish Charters customers a 15% discount on accommodations. There is also the Princess Wilderness Lodge in Copper Center, Alaska for a higher end stay. Uncle Nicolai’s in Copper Center, Alaska offers a variety of rooms and a hostel, plus there is a bar on site. There also is a lot of Air B&B’s in the area, look in Glennallen, Copper Center, and Gakona.

Alaska is open for King Salmon Fishing

Is King Salmon Fishing closed in Alaska? NO! We offer a variety of river fishing trips available, and Copper river salmon is our specialty! We hire only the top river guides in the state to take you on an exciting Alaska fishing adventure! We provide top of the line fishing gear and teach you techniques to catch fish in any water condition. A list of the fishing trips we offer can be found on our website, and we offer convenient on line booking.

2023 is Your Year for Alaska King Salmon Fishing!

Don’t let the rumors fool you when you hear King salmon fishing is closed in Alaska. There are many other places open for Alaska salmon fishing! The Kenai river is not the end all be all. Hopefully with regulation, the South Central King salmon fishery can come back with a vengeance!